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Sad news and sad times

Hi All,

This time it is not a update, just some sad news.

Because of some personal issues and a lot of people complaining about the lack of activity ingame (players etc) we are going to shutdown the public server.

Why only the public one u ask? well we are going to work on the server in the meantime and when the server is good enough to our standards we might put it online again under this name, or a differend one.

Thank you all for supporting this server in the meantime, we had a lot of fun with the community and the site will be up for atleast months just the server will shutdown in a week.

-- The whole team.

Update 29-07-2016

Hey guys,

Small update today:

We added the city teleports for big cities such as:

- Varrock 
- Lumbridge 
- Falador 
- Camelot 
- Ardougne 

These teleports can be bought at the Runes store located at Home.

This will be very handy for doing Clue scrolls.


- Thomas & Evan.

Update 09-07-2016

Hi All,

Today I have updated the server again, changes are:

  • Voting system have been removed
  • Voting system has been rebuild from 0 code (it works again now, might be little slower then before)
  • Some commands have been changed (u can't be tele'd out of wildy througout unjail command)
  • We implemented some code that cleans up some big memory block every 15 minutes or so.

That was it for today hope its enough :)

-- Crasyboy42

Site updated to 2.2

Hi All

Today we have updated the site, the changes are:

  • item db is changed to Grand Exchange, also added posibility to view item details like bonusses and other information
  • A join the team page where u can view the current staff + join th eteam ofc.
  • Hiscores are also competely redone, it now shows the correct users with the correct XP.
  • Voting also has been fixed ingame, so all votes are now being given out correctly.

That was it for today,

-- Crasyboy42

23-06-2016 VPS upgrade

Hi guys,

Today we upgraded our VPS by one CPU core and 1 gigabyte more ram, we hope this will fix some lag issues some people are having.

-- Crasyboy42

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